Protection, growth, and intimacy play out micro dramas in a porcelain-stoneware landscape. The amplification of organic textures and figurative shapes suggest elements of the natural world, while alluding to sensual and corporeal experiences of the human body. These forms create the poetic resonance of a somatic body response in the viewer by drawing visual parallels between biological forces expressed in human tissue and, erosion incurred by geological processes.

The infectious embellishment of the surface and high saturation of color imply protection. There is a visual and conceptual push & pull relationship found within a seductive yet slightly menacing or decayed surface. The connective tissue of various parts of the forms, suggest nesting, growth, and the dual nature of parasitic relationships. These forms also navigate through the territory of intimacy through interior vs. exterior exploration, while asserting the connection between body and land. I am pushing the relatedness of the human body and the natural world, as one entity.

My process for building is very intuitive. I have an idea for the forms I want to create; however, I pay very specific attention to moments within the clay that arise as I am building. I study and draw the human form, as well as geological structures to work out how I want to compose form. The coil and pinch method is employed for constructing the hollow built forms. Stains and colored slips are sprayed onto the work while they are green-ware and also after the bisque firing. The work is then fired to cone 6 or cone 10 in a gas kiln, and most pieces are fired multiple times to build up the surface and saturation of color.